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02 June 2008 @ 12:43 pm
A Solar Alternative  
I'm new to this community.

I have an idea regarding a more efficient solar powered renewable energy solution.

Note that current solar panel technology is roughly 2% efficient.  I propose the use of magnifying lenses to concentrate sunlight, direct the laser's heat toward a liquid, and then use the liquid's subsequent molecular excitement to move other items, that might, say, charge a battery.  (Think of a wind turbine that is not turned by open air currents, but by a circulating, closed system of heated liquid or gas.) Now, many questions remain: what liquid to use?  is the liquid's excitement to be harnessed as steam pressure or some other manner (pneumatic vs. hydraulic pressure)?  Would it be best to use one large magnifying lens or many adjacent medium-sized lenses?

I am seeking answers and suggestions.  Thank you for your time.