Herongrrrl (herongrrrl) wrote in not_quite_rural,

Chicken Vent Prolapse, anyone?

One of our girls has a naaaaaaaasty prolapse. I feel terribly guilty because it's been that way for at least two days, I thought she was just getting ready to molt and that's why her rear feathers looked nappy. Anyhow, we've isolated her, cleaned her off with betadine and warm water, slathered her parts with antibiotic ointment and preparation H (which several sources recommended) and she'll be kept in isolation with antibiotics in her water for a few days at least.

But, it looked like she had a pretty nasty sore on the prolapse. I cleaned it as well as I could and really covered it with ointment before I pushed everything back in, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I can or should do for her?

So far her behavior and diet have been normal,which I take to be a good sign, but she was alarmingly passive while we were treating her. Any advice, or just good vibes for my poor hen?
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